Who i Am..??

I come from a Lower Middle Class Family, Where My Family Members had this belief that we need to go outside to Earn Even Decent Income.
But I always wanted to be at Home with my Family and still wanted To Earn a Lot of Money.

After My MCA (Master of Computer Applications) in 2016, I started learning Digital Marketing which was aligned to my Passion, a Booming Industry at that time and could help me get a good Job…And I got Good Job too.

After being in the job of Digital Marketing for 2 years, I decided to Narrow Down My Core Area of Expertise and that’s how I ended up choosing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as my Profession. 

During My Another 2 years in SEO, I created Multiple Success Stories and helped 50+ Business Owners to Get More Sales & Increase their Business Revenue.

My SEO job was paying me 50K+ Monthly salary. But I had decided something else. This time I completely made up my mind, Resigned from my job and started my Own SEO Agency. Everyone was against me but I had to do that.

After 1 Year of grinding, doing everything and learning, I closed my First International Client For SEO. This turned my Life all around. I cracked the code here. In just next 3 months I partnered with 2 Big International Agencies.

Now It’s like I am doing what i wanted to do and also Living My Dream Life.