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Learn from my personal hands on experience with growing some of the biggest entrepreneurs, SEOs and everyday people from all around the world!


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Is this for you? Yes if...

You are an SEO Practitioner and learn how to get 3x-5x More money With your skills without learning an additional Skill.

You want to make Career in SEO and earn in 6-figuresby working With High-ticket International Clients.

You have SEO Agency and want to learn the secret strategies to get Close High-paying clients for your services who value your skill and time.

You want to Offer White-label services and Don't Know Which niche is Most Profitable For you.

You are Already in SEO Niche and Don't Know How to Get More Sales to Your Clients.

Most importantly, you want to Spend More time with your Family and choose who you work with on your own terms.

Does this sound like you?


Organic Maps Domination Academy is known for helping:

How to Niche Down and learn most profitable way to dominate global Market to make money you want!

How & Where to get Premium Clients - Indian and International.

How to Find Recession Proof Niches For Local SEO

How to create a Word-class Proposals, Audits to Reach-out.

How to market and sell your services like a pro to become a 6-figure freelancer.

How to Dominate Your Client Service Area

How to Get Best Results For your Clients in Short Period of Time

Do you want to get paid 2-5 Lakh+ Per Client?


What you will be learning inside the Academy are..

Master the in-demand skill that can turn your dreams into a reality..

Social Media Domination

You Will learn how to Utilize Social Media Effectively to get Premium High paying clients for SEO services.

Ai-Driven Content Creation

You Will get My Favourite Set of Prompts which give you the Best Content For the Websites and GBP Posts.

Advanced GBP SEO

You Will learn the World Class, Hight Effective and up to date Secret Strategies to Dominate Ranking.

Website SEO

You Will learn From How to Build Websites For Local Clients to Optimize them For Best Rankings.

Client Acquisition 2.0

You Will Learn the most effective ways to get your Initial High-Ticket SEO Clients. These methods Work for All of my Students

Maps Hidden Ranking Secrets

You will learn how to Actually take down your competitors and steal the top spot without link building.

Business Audit

You Will learn how to do Pre-Audits for your Prospects that literally help you to eliminate the competition.


What results we can expect from you?

I Worked With More Than 400+ International Clients in Last 3 Years, you will learn all of my secrets inside.

On Average, How much time it takes to Dominate the Competitors ?Well, You will learn how to maximise the impact of SEO.

Worked With Most Competitive Niches, So Don’t worry. Whatever you learn is Already tested and up to date.

I Also worked with many White-label SEO Agencies as well and helped them to retain their clients.

Most of my Clients have seen Best results in Their First 3-6 Months. Some of seen All Green across the map in First Month itself.

Most interestingly, I Will let you know the  World class techniques to rank GBPs, Without Spend any money on the link-building. I Never Build a Single Link for any of my Client.

Does this sound like you?


If you enroll today, you get:

Access to All Live Sessions Recordings (+ All Updates)

Value 29,999 INR

Worksheets, Audit templates, Agency SOPs to help you implement what you learn

Value 34,999 INR

12 Live Exclusive Q&A Group Coaching Calls every Month

Value 47,999 INR

VIP WhatsApp Group For 24*7 Support

Value 7,999 INR

1:1 Call with Sunil If you Have Any Issues (No one Offer This - Believe ME)

Value 21,999 INR

Social Media Content Creation For Dream Audience

Value 8,999 INR

Access to Weekly Live Project Assignments

Value 4,999 INR

Access to Recession Proof Niches List

Value 14,999 INR

Access to My Agency Scale Tools & Methods

Value 19,999 INR

Access to 20+ DFY Pre-Audits

Value 7,999 INR

Total Value: 49,999+ INR


The Coaching You Get

The only way to achieve ten years worth of progress in one is by having the right people around you. That's why we at OMD go to such lengths to provide you with the most personalized support in the industry. Weekly Coaching Calls Each Week, Personally I hold you accountable so that you can speed up the process and get your milestones much faster. Also, we do gamification inside the Academy.
Weekly Coaching Calls

Each Week, Personally I hold you accountable so that you can speed up the process and get your milestones much faster. Also, we do gamification inside the Academy.

Exclusive Community

Having the right people around you doesn’t just mean having experts around you. It also means having people in your corner who are on the same journey as you. That’s why we have our entire community pushing each other to greater heights every single day.

1-on-1 Call

IF you have any Queries at anytime and you need the solution ASAP. So We have WhatsApp Community where you can message me. I will Make sure that you get it done same day.


Learn The Latest

We Keep Adding or Removing Most Recent Updates Each Month. So whatever you're learning is Working right now. We Also, Keep Adding Most Asked Questions So you can get step by step solution for specific queries

Here's What You're Gonna Get

Inside Each Session...


Client Acquisition 2.0

In this module, You Will Learn
⟶ How & Where to Find Premium Clients For Your Services Who can Pay you what you want
⟶ How to Narrow down your Niche to Boost your Profits


GBP Audit

In this module, You Will Learn
⟶ Most Powerful Way to Close Clients Using Audit Process
⟶ How to Make your Outreach Process Stand out from others


Social Media Domination

In this module, You Will Learn
⟶ How to Engage with Potential Clients With Right type of content
⟶ Generate 100s Leads Organically Using Social Media


Google Business Profile Optimization

In this module, You Will Learn
⟶How to Boost Your Maps Ranking With Limited Resources
⟶ How to Identify Competitors Sweet Spots to Outrank them


Proximity Domination

In this module, You Will Learn
⟶ How to Boosts The Geo-Radius
⟶ How to Rank a Business For Entire City or Multiple Cities


Advanced Google Posts

In this module, You Will Learn
⟶ Advanced Mirroring Method That Can Actually Boost Relevancy
⟶ Types of Different Posts and How to use them and Why


Keyword Research

In this module, You Will Learn
⟶ How to Boost Conversions Just By Finding Right Intent Keywords
⟶ How to Outrank Top Competitors by Still their Content Strategy


Topical Cluster

In this module, You Will Learn
⟶ How to Boost Your Authority in Particular Niche
⟶ How to Structure your Content that can Help you to get more calls


Content Creation Using AI

In this module, You Will Learn
⟶ How to Create Content that Actually Rank
⟶ How to Make AI Content Powerful to Dominate Competitors


Website SEO

In this module, You Will Learn
⟶ How to Optimise Website From Scratch For local Business
⟶ Build Powerful Location Pages, Persona Pages and Many More


Hidden Map Secrets

In this module, You Will Learn
⟶Golden Combination of Business Categories
⟶ Advanced Geo-relevance Signals For Both GBP & Website Content


Tools You Need

In this module, You Will Learn
⟶ Best tools For Audit, Manage Profile & Competitor Analysis
⟶ How to Use these tools effectively to get most out of them


Reporting & Retain

In this module, You Will Learn
⟶ Send Reports on Automation
⟶ How you can Retain Clients By Over Deliver

Isn’t this what you want to learn?


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Is the content live or recorded?

OMD is one and only Live Coaching Program. We believe that students need to be in constant repetition and follow-up to be able to evolve. Therefore, we record all live calls so you can watch them later as well.

What is included in an OMD membership?

You will get access to all weekly coaching calls where you can ask questions live. Along with Weekly live implementation calls, you will Get Agency SOPs, Audit Templates and All Bonuses

How long will I have access to OMD Academy?


How does the 7-day guarantee work?

We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee meaning you have up to 7 days to get a full refund on your purchase price. The guarantee applies regardless of whether you’ve taken advantage of our offerings or not. To request a refund simply email us at

I don’t have any experience or results yet. Is OMD for me?

Yes. OMD will provide you all the information you need in order to succeed in your digital career. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting off today or if you don’t know anything about the Maps SEO.

Do I need to quit my job to get results with OMD?

No. OMD provides you with the foundation you need to start a side hustle. We do not recommend that people quit their jobs prior to earning money with their side-hustle.

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